Why Ashiatsu Massage Might Not Be Good for You

Are your one of those children who are told to step on your father’s back as a form of home massage? The technique is called backstroke, a part of ashiatsu massage and is widely practiced at home. However, did you know that this type of massage might not be good for you?

As one of the movements of Shiatsu therapy that are originated from Japan, this technique certainly cannot be done carelessly. This means that this technique must be done by people who are truly experts. This technique can be harmful if you do this at home without knowing how it can affect the person who is being massaged.

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that being massaged by a certified massage expert is important. Instead, most only rely on people around it, like parents, friends or neighbors, to massage the body parts that don’t feel well. So, how can you prevent this from happening?

What is Ashiatsu Massage?

This is one of the massage techniques that originated in Asia and is practiced by monks in China, Thailand, Japan, and India. Ashiatsu comes from the word “ashi” which means feet and “atsu” which means pressure. So, the techniques require you to do massage using feet or stomping on the body.

Ashiatsu massage is very suitable for body relaxation, especially for those who like to have a strong massage. If the therapist’s hand massage is deemed underpowered, this is a massage technique that will provide more power. Leg pressure that is strong enough on the muscles will provide lymphatic stimulation to the body’s system to work more optimally.

Regular and measured pressure increases the circulation of oxygen in the blood more smoothly and makes the body feel fit. However, massage cannot be done carelessly as it affects your body badly if it is not done right.

What Can Go Wrong?

This technique is familiar to a lot of people, so it may seem normal. However, this activity can make your backbone shift. The backstroke technique requires you to step on one’s back while the person is laying down.

Usually, this is done when people are having a sore back. There are also cases that if the parents tell their kids to stomp on their back, the children might also jump on them. Doing this carelessly can cause the backbone to shift, especially if this is done regularly for years.

Behind a human’s back, there is the spine and tailbone which contains important nerves. Because it is very vulnerable, we cannot carelessly massage the area. Therefore, when it comes to getting ashiatsu massage, you should really rely on the experts.

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