What to Expect from a Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be proven health benefits. Good for fitness, maintaining health, and treating an illness. In order for reflexology to be able to heal, there are some rules of treatment that must be understood when doing reflexology. Including the following,

A professional massage therapist must know the anatomy of the human body and its functions. That way will be able to provide health advice for patients. Good for recommended treatment, diet, and taboos recommended for patients.

As the name implies, reflexology is a technique of direct massage to the nerve source. For that reason, a massage therapist must know and understand the nerve points to be massaged. And the point of reflection or nerves that must be avoided in patients.

Which to be Massaged

After understanding the point of reflection to be massaged, there are other things to consider for a massage therapist, namely: the ideal time to do reflexology is in the morning, evening and in the late evening. Place a comfortable place to do massage. Patients who want a massage should not be exposed to direct air. Better to massage done in a closed room.

In our body, there are some parts of the body that are very important. When massaged, it can affect the health of the surrounding area. This method is suitable for those of you who avoid taking pain medication and are too tired.

Here are some massage therapy methods that are often used by a massage therapist to understand what is going on with your body. This method can be used to reduce pain without relying on medication. It can be done anywhere and anytime. Good luck and stay healthy.

The Massage Spots

If you experience headaches, try a circular massage in the right and left temples. If you are stressed and depressed enough, after doing a massage, do a gentle and more intense pressure, then stop while still pressing. The next spot is between the thumb and index finger.

This area if a massage can help you who experience neck pain. Try massage for 2 minutes with gentle and increasingly intense movements. If you experience low back pain, pelvic or hip pain, you can massage your ankles, especially in large bones. It might sound strange, but slowly you will feel the muscles more relaxed and comfortable.

They say this third eye is at the base of the nose near the forehead. By massaging this area, you can relieve tired eyes. The trick is to gently massage this area. Apply ordinary pressures for 1 minute. Towards the final pressures, close your eyes. Press for 9 times, at pressure 10, press for a long time, then release slowly for good massage therapy.

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