Ubud Bali, Top 6 Best City in the World

Ubud Bali tourism has long been a mandatory agenda for islanders. In this city, you can enjoy the beautiful and refreshing atmosphere of Bali, different from beach tourism. This is an alternative for those who are tired of enjoying the atmosphere of the beach. Naturally, the beauty of the beach in Bali is the main attraction.

It doesn’t feel right to go to Bali and don’t play water on dozens of interesting beaches. If you are bored with it all, immediately visit Ubud. The location is also not very far, really, about 36 kilometers from the center of Denpasar City. If taken by car for about 1 hour.

Reasons to Travel to Ubud

If you are in Bali to visit the beach but suddenly it feels like you want to try something else, now Ubud can be one of the alternatives. The diversity of tourism in Ubud is the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. You can find green landscapes such as rice fields, trees and of course the cool air.

Not only is that but here also cultural tours to history. You can visit places that are considered sacred and have a history of civilization in Bali. It’s hard to explore in a single day. You need to take a lot of leave to visit all the interesting spots.

The World’s 6th Best City

The beauty of Ubud Bali tourism no doubt, even the world has recognized it. In 2019 alone, a travel magazine from the United States, Travel + Leisure, places Bali at number 6 in the list of the best cities in the world. Ubud successfully defeated other beautiful cities in the world such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Sevilla, Rome, and Florence.

The assessment indicators are based on the experience of travelers, their culinary, friendliness, and strong culture. Now here are some interesting tourist spots that you can enjoy in Ubud.

Those are some of the interesting facts about Ubud. If there is an intention to go there, you should prepare an extra budget. Understandably, as a world-class tourist destination, transportation and accommodation there are fairly expensive.

But, it is still under control and will suit a lot of people’s budgets easily. Because there is no public transportation, so to travel around Ubud, you have to rent a motorbike or a car. Simply adjust it to the budget you have. Have fun exploring Ubud Bali!

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