Types of Massage That You Need to Know

Massage is very useful when the body feels sore or tired. The right types of massage will provide its own pleasure. Massaging activities have been known for a long time in many countries. Massage will not only provide a fitter effect but also can overcome health problems if done by a skilled masseuse.

Now, with a variety of methods and assistive devices used, the types of massage that are known to have a wide range, ranging from gentle massage to hard massage that may not be preferred.

If you are feeling aches and want to feel a pleasant massage, several massage options can be tried from traditional ones such as massage to international massages from foreign countries such as from Thailand, Japan, Sweden, and even Hawaii.

Basic Types of Massage

The most known massage in Indonesia is traditional massage. Especially in rural areas, this traditional massage is thought to cure disease. This type of massage is usually pressed firmly. By using the palm of the hand and thumb, tense muscles can go limp again so that the body is fresher. Some massagers use coconut oil as a complement.

Reflexology is the study of massage at certain points of the body. This knowledge comes from China. Reflexology can be done by hand and other objects in the form of wood, plastic or rubber. Massagers have knowledge of human nerve points, especially in the soles of the feet and hands.

If you suffer from a disease in an organ in your body, usually the masseuse will find out through a foot massage. Reflexology is often used as an alternative treatment for various common diseases such as heart disease, digestion, and even fertility problems.

Massages Around the World

Shiatsu is a massage technique originating from Japan. This massage is specialized by pressing using a finger or palm firmly at certain points on a part of the body. The benefit is to repair the body’s organs that are disturbed. Usually the masseurs who are experts will know which points should be pressed to eliminate the patient’s illness.

Swedish massage is a type of massage that is well known in Europe and the Western world. The massage technique is not too hard and uses the palm of the hand which puts pressure on the muscles and bones. For those of you who like gentle massages for relaxation, you can try this massage.

Thai massage uses gentle and gentle body energy. The benefits are for relaxation and even being able to arouse the passion of the couple. The masseuse will make gentle movements like dancing. In these types of massage, the masseuse will pull your body up to the sound of your muscles, even the masseur will also use your feet to increase muscle flexibility.

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