These are Various Types of Spa You Can Get!

If you like getting spa, you also need to know that spa activities are relaxing and calming the mind, but spas also have many kinds. All types of spa also have a destination and is aimed at certain people according to their needs. Below are six kinds of spas along with an explanation.

Destination Spa

Destination spa is a spa designed for holistic rejuvenation. This type of spa usually consists of education about health, physical activity, healthy culinary, and other special programs. To get a total relaxation destination spa generally requires more than one day. Besides this type of spa is also done on an island, hotel, or a place far from the city crowd.

Day Spa

In contrast to destination spas, day spas are spas that do not require days to do. Day spas are spa activities that offer a variety of treatments and you can enjoy every day. Usually day spas are handled by skilled workers or workers who have been trained in the field of beauty. Some kinds of treatments offered by day spas are pedicure, manicure, facial or body massage.

Medical Spa

If the day spa uses skilled workers in the field of beauty, the medical spa workers are licensed, medical staff. That is because the services offered by medical spas must go through medical procedures and also use medical devices. Examples of services offered by medical spas are laser hair removal, Botox injections, removal of facial wrinkles, and treatments that use chemicals.

Health Spa

Well, if this health spa is one of the types of spa that focuses on overall health. Therefore, health spas are usually done in places far from the crowd, calm, and peaceful. When doing a health spa is usually handled by practitioners who will provide suggestions to support your health.

Resort Spa

Meanwhile, spa resorts are spas found in a resort or hotel and are usually included in one of the hotel or resort facilities. Spa resorts are usually built to add comfort so that guests feel comfortable to linger at the hotel. By using the resort spa facilities guaranteed fatigue and aches will soon disappear and the body becomes fit again.

Mineral Springs Spa

Although most spas use natural ingredients, for those of you who are still in doubt and want a spa with ingredients that are truly natural, you can choose mineral springs as a spa treatment for your body. These types of spa offer pure spring water whether it’s hot water or seawater used for hydrotherapy.

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Here are types of spa that you need to try at least once in your life! Explore the difference as well as the added benefits.

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