The Don’ts in Ubud Bali That You Should Avoid

No matter where you go as a tourist, you should respect the place where you reside. UbudBali has a number of rules about this. There are a number of things you need to know, such as restrictions that need to be considered when you vacation on the island of Bali, so that inappropriate things can be avoided.

This prohibition applies to all people not only migrants or tourists who vacation on the island of Bali, including local residents. There are a number of prohibitions or customary rules, some of which are written in the form of which are subject to customary sanctions as well.

However, not all rules or prohibitions are written in customary rules, but the taboo is believed by residents to believe that something bad will happen to the life of someone who violates them. For this reason, for those of you who don’t know the detailed information about the ban, it’s a good idea to read the information on this page.

The Prohibitions in Ubud Bali

During Nyepi holiday on the island of Bali, there are a number of prohibitions during Nyepi Day celebrations, such as not to leave the house, turn on the lights, do activities or make noise if it is violated will be subject to customary sanctions.

Prohibition of dressing immodestly to temples, many temples in Bali are used as tourist attractions, so that many foreigners outside the Hindu people who come to visit, for every visitor to the shrine must wear a cloth and a scarf tied around the waist. If this is not done, you may not enter or be reprimanded by local officials or residents.

Vacation and tour with the agenda to the holy place of the temple, then abstain from speaking harshly, ethically not good in the area of ​​the holy place. Making a scene, or other despicable act that should not be done, because if it is violated is believed it will result in no good and find bad things for your life.

What Needs to be Remembered

Abstinence from speaking or being rude such as swearing or sounding the horn repeatedly when the road is jammed because it is in the procession of religious ceremonies, if you do that means not respecting local culture, and can make people offended.

Other courtesy, if you ask someone, for example asking for directions, get off the vehicle and open your helmet. Because of this you are considered to respect your interlocutors, and they will be happy to help you, so that your vacation during the tour is more comfortable and safe.

Still part of manners and manners, avoid also showing something with your left hand let alone showing something with your feet. If you have to point with your left hand because your right hand is holding something you can say a word of apology, if it is done the other person can be offended in Ubud Bali.

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