The Difference Between Hair Spa and Hair Mask

You may be familiar with hair treatments such as hair spa and hair mask that are often offered at beauty salons. Unfortunately, many people do not know in detail what are the differences in each of these hair treatments. If you are one of them, the discussion in this article might help you understand it more deeply so that you can reap its benefits.

Here are various differences in hair spa and hair mask that you should know about. Hair spa is a hair treatment that helps overcome various problems with damaged hair such as dry hair, dull, oily, to stiff. This treatment is intended to nourish the hair roots, revitalize the scalp, and strengthen hair follicles so that makes your hair healthy overall.

A hair mask is a hair treatment that is generally used to treat hair loss and other hair problems in conditions that are already severe. If you include someone often do coloring, straightening, or curling hair, hair mask can be the best treatment. This is because the hair mask acts as a deep treatment to repair damaged hair that you experience.

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In general, the content of creams in hair spas is richer in vitamins than cream bath, considering that hair spas are intended to nourish damaged hair. Creams used in hair spas also contain essential oils so they are more fragrant than creams for cream bath.

Like cream bath, hair spa treatments include light massage and steam, both of which serve to increase blood circulation on the scalp and optimize the absorption of creams. Not only this, but it also allows hair follicles to receive more oxygen and nutrients through the blood thereby helping to increase hair growth.

Behind the benefits offered from this treatment, unfortunately, the hair spa has several shortcomings. First, doing too much hair spa can cause your hair color to fade. Second, this treatment is generally more expensive than cream bath.

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Reporting from the Huffington Post, Mark Hill, a British celebrity hairdresser said that using a hair mask regularly will help you disguise damaged hair by moisturizing your hair. This will make your hair feel thicker and stronger.

In some cases, a hair mask might not be able to cure your hair that is already damaged, but this method will at least help prevent further damage later. Unlike the cream bath and hair spa, in the treatment of hair masks there is no massage at all. This is done so that your hair does not fall out and is damaged.

Even so usually the therapists still give massages in other body parts such as the neck, shoulders, and back. For the price, most salons fix prices that vary depending on the short length of your hair. Usually the longer your hair, of course, the cost of hair spa and hair mask will be more expensive.

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