Spa Etiquette that You Need to Follow

Although the spa has now become part of the lifestyle of many women, many also do not know the spa etiquette while in the salon.  Ethics in doing a spa can be a source of anxiety for people who first go to a spa, but it’s easy once you know a few basics. Here are some basic rules for spa etiquette to help you know what to expect and feel comfortable.


We strongly recommend that you make a reservation before your arrival. Reservations can be made two days before the desired appointment. You should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment to let them prepare for your spa as well.


When you enter a spa, especially in areas that require silence, the spa etiquette is to turn off your cellphone, PDA, Blackberry, or other electronic equipment that makes a sound. The purpose of people coming to the spa is not just to treat beauty, but also pamper yourself and restore harmony balance. It would be frustrating if the event was interrupted by the ringing of cellphone sounds.


When you arrive, usually the spa staff will provide clean clothes to wear while you undergo various therapies there. This is because there are a number of treatment therapies that require you to take off all your clothes, but some are only certain body parts that are treated. If uncomfortable, you can ask to keep wearing underwear.


If you are going to undergo a treatment that requires you to open all your clothes, you should first wet your body. The goal is that your skin is able to absorb oil or spices that will be used during treatment.

Physical reactions

There are various therapeutic packages offered at spas with massage techniques or treatments that will produce unexpected physical reactions. No need to be ashamed because spa therapists will respond professionally, and they will not care about it.


If you feel uncomfortable or sick when massaged in certain body parts, you must tell the therapist. If your complaint is ignored, you have the right to stop the therapy being undertaken. You may also submit a complaint to the spa manager.


Just like in a salon or restaurant, you can also give a tip to the therapist if you feel satisfied with the services provided. The standard is 15-20 percent of the total costs incurred at the spa but giving more than that amount is fine as spa etiquette.

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