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become a common thing to do by many people, especially women in their spare time. Many factors encourage people to do a spa, some of which is to relax yourself optimally or beautify yourself. Currently, the spa is more loved by the people of the city who have tiring activities.

But did you know what spa is? Most people don’t know what a spa is. Although seen as a modern activity, in fact spa activities have been present for tens of thousands of years ago and are often carried out by Roman soldiers. So, it is not a new thing. However, it is still as beneficial as it used to be now!

Equipment You Need to Prepare

If you want to prepare a quick spa at home, here is the way. The essence of the spa is calm, so make your home or room as quiet as possible. Set the phone in silent mode and if possible, keep it away. If you already have children or there are small children at home, ask someone else to look after them for about 2 hours until you finish the spa.

Prepare a bathrobe and comfortable flip flops. If there isn’t, you can use a towel, but try to choose a towel with a soft material. Also, provide candles with aromatherapy and place it around the bath up or bathroom where you do the spa.  If possible, also choose candles with pleasant colors such as blue, pink, light yellow, and others for massage and spa.

More Things to Help You Relax

Candles will help you relax. Besides candles, you can also add music to be more relaxed. Music is an important element when you want to experience the spa at home. Choose music with a tempo that is not too fast so your ears and mind can relax. Spa experience in your home will be more felt if you replace the soap you normally use with bubble bath or scrub with a soothing aroma.

You can also use lotion as an extra so that the spa experience at home becomes more complete. So that the spa experience becomes more complete, you can provide a massage tool. Spa at home does not allow us to get a full body massage and spa, but at least with the help of a massage tool, you can get rid of aches in your body.

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Want to throw a quick massage and spa session at your house? Here are the things that you need! Perfect for in between your massage appointments.

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