How to Spend One Day in Ubud

There is a lot to see in Indonesia and also a lot to visit. But, can you still roam around for one day in Ubud, Bali? Of course, don’t waste your precious day and start exploring Ubud right away. So, what do we suggest you go to when you only have a day in Ubud?

Kuta, Jimbaran, and Denpasar are better known to be the area of parties and beaches. Ubud is different. You should go to Ubud when you are looking for a calm ambience where you can relax, with a lot of views of rice fields and forests surrounding you.

So, how do you explore the region of Ubud? Ubud is about one and a half to two hours car journey from Jimbaran, you should find which way is right to Ubud, especially if you go on Saturday or Sunday. Because some times, there are traditional ceremonies that result in the closure of several roads.

How to Reach Ubud

So that the trip feels not too heavy, you can stop in the Kuta area for breakfast. Satisfied filling your stomach and stretching your legs, Ubud is waiting for you. Getting there almost noon, Ubud Monkey Forest could be the right destination.

Because of Bali’s sunburn which is known as absurd glare, it can be covered with lush trees here. Satisfied touring while enjoying the cool air and visited some temples in it, now it’s time to recharge. You can choose to eat lunch at a few shops or restaurants not too far from the Ubud Monkey Forest. After that, the trip can continue to Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

Including popular destinations in Ubud, if it is not possible to visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace for several reasons, including the unavailability of parking lots and panoramic views of rice fields that are not green due to harvest, then you must quickly switch to Campuhan Ridge Walk on your one day in Ubud plan.

Do Not Miss Ubud Experience

Delicious food, stunning panoramas, and friendly environment nuances, Ubud seems to keep calling to be missed. Known as the heart of Balinese art and culture, Ubud has millions of charms that will make anyone fall in love.

Whether visiting alone or a vacation with family, without having to travel far, in Ubud you will find many attractive tourist attractions with a variety of activities for everyone. From a variety of exotic temples, places where yoga hits, cafes with spectacular views, to art galleries you can find in this small town located in the highlands.

Yes, in addition to hidden beaches, there are many more hidden treasures in Bali that are ready to be explored and visited, especially for those of you who are interested in unusual tourist attractions. Enjoy one day in Ubud as much as you can.

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