How to Have Smooth Face with Spa Treatment

In addition to using natural ingredients, there are also several ways to smooth your face with spa treatment at a beauty clinic. That is how you can to smooth the face that can be more effective in providing instant results on our facial skin. Here it is some treatment that we can try to smooth the face.

Radio-Frequency Treatment

This beauty spa treatmentis called a Hollywood artist, Jennifer Aniston as a treatment that makes her skin still look smooth at the age of 50 years you know. No wonder, because radio-frequency treatment increases collagen production by our body which makes the skin look smooth and youthful.

Radio-treatment frequency is also a way to smooth the face that can help our skin not look dull again and increase the absorption of oxygen by the skin.The treatment is not complicated – for maximum results our faces are simply massaged with a radio frequency machine with a temperature of 38-40 degrees Celsius for only 30 minutes.

Even though the engine temperature is quite hot, our skin won’t blister or dry, and we will only feel like we’re just doing a hot stone massage. Not only that, although the treatment time is very short, the results can be immediately seen clearly and last up to 2 years you know.

Peeling Treatment

This treatment is actually a way to smooth the face that lifts the top layer of our skin so that new, smoother and fresher skin cells emerge. Peeling can also reduce wrinkles, pimples, and black spots on the face you know.

But, even though peeling removes one layer of our skin, the treatment doesn’t hurt. Our facial skin will only be smeared with a gel that is left briefly before being removed and will only make us feel our skin is like being bitten by an ant for a while. The gel that is used on our skin will also be adjusted to the needs of our skin.

We can do peeling in a short time, which is 10-30 minutes and after that, our skin will look redder but feel smoother. After peeling, we should also take extra care for this new layer of facial skin that is smoother by avoiding products made from retinol and using extra sunblock.


Imagine hundreds of small needles piercing our faces but it doesn’t hurt at all and after that, our faces become smooth. That’s the microneedling treatment. By using a roller or a machine that contains small needles, our facial skin will be pricked at this treatment thereby activating our skin’s natural ability to heal itself.

That is by producing collagen and elastin which makes the skin look smooth and wrinkle free. Isn’t it painful or can make our face hurt? Just relax, because before treatment, our skin will be smeared with pain relievers so that we will not feel pain.

Microneedling is also done by professionals who have been trained to carry out this treatment without making us hurt. The process also does not take long you know – just 30 minutes and the next day after the spa treatment we can immediately feel the smoothness of our skin.

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