How Tight Muscle Happens and Why You Need Massage

For most of us, massage has become a necessity when the body feels tired or sick. Why you need massage that is constantly done? Getting a massage when you go on vacation is important too.

Getting the right massage and done by someone who really knows how to massage will provide many benefits, especially for casual relaxation and stress relief. Some massage is done in a traditional way, modern or a mixture of both, and there are also those who develop massage for therapeutic.

Many people who are in an unfit condition or experience fatigue after doing a lot of activities end up choosing to get a massage. By getting a massage, we can get a much fresher and healthier body. Is it true that massage can have such a positive effect on health? Here are some benefits of getting a massage.

Why You Need Massage

In general, massage can actually make blood circulation smoother so that if we feel less fit, sick, or even fatigue and aches, the body will become fresher and healthier. In addition, the body’s immune system will also experience a very significant increase.

The smoother circulation of blood can actually make oxygen levels in the blood increase and the organs in the body will function better. In addition, white blood cells will become more so that the immune system will be better.

When our bodies are massaged, our blood pressure will also become more stable. If we do reflexology, pressure receptors in the brain will become stimulated and make blood pressure more regulated.

The Effect of Massage

In addition, massage can provide a calming effect and stress hormones that arise a lot because daily activities will be much decreased. In addition to the loss of stress, massage is also claimed to be able to provide freedom from excessive anxiety.

When our bodies are massaged, a lot of pain that hits the body due to tense muscles, cramps, or even cruel due to fatigue or other factors. Massage will help release the endorphins that make the pain go away naturally.

This is why many people feel better after a massage. Besides pain in the muscles, pain caused by arthritis or even osteoarthritis can also be alleviated by regular massage. In fact, some health experts say that the reason why you need massage is that because it can be a solution for those who experience pain due to side effects of cancer treatment.

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