How Massage Therapy Prevents a Heart Attack

Ever wondered how much a massage therapy session works? Today, many people suffer from heart disease due to stress-prone environments, irregular dietary patterns, and unhealthy habits, such as excessive drinking and smoking.Many people have high blood pressure or problems with blood circulation which can result in a stroke or heart attack.

There are several conditions that can affect the heart. To combat heart disease and various related conditions, try innovative solutions like heart reflexology. How can reflexology help patients who have heart problems?

Reflexology is an alternative therapy that is believed to be able to process the flow of energy in your body so that the condition of the body can be improved, even improved.The use of reflexology to correct problems related to the heart is actually still relatively new even though the science of reflexology itself has been around for thousands of years.

How Massage Therapy Affects Your Heart

According to a reflexology expert, there are twelve paths of life energy that flow throughout the body. A reflexology therapist will usually ask for your medical history, such as heart or blood vessel disease.

They are able to truly assess the health of your body and mind before starting any therapy.Because each person’s heart condition is different, this step is an important part of treatment.After identifying the problem, the therapist can provide the most effective form of individual therapy.

Heart reflexology can work because when the nerve endings in your hands and feet are stimulated, the parts related to your heart are stimulated too. If blood circulation in the body is not smooth due to heart disease, the vessels in the blood vessels will narrow and blood flow is obstructed.

Helping the Blood Circulation Flow

Therefore, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body is reduced so that other conditions can arise, such as stomach disorders, headaches, and sleep problems.Reflexology can help blood circulation so that blood flows without a hitch.

This reflexology massage therapy also normalizes the heart rhythm by affecting the electrical impulses coming from the heart and regulating blood pressure and breathing thereby reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack.Medically, reflexology has helped the healing process of patients suffering from heart disease.

Just as reflexology can improve health, reflexology can also be beneficial as a preventative measure against disease.Reflexology is an easy, inexpensive, and natural choice to balance the effects of stress on the heart. However, to achieve excellent conditions, massage therapy cannot stand alone but is used as a complementary treatment that accompanies the main medical treatment.

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