Essentials Skin Care for Your Ubud Bali Trip

Going to Ubud Bali any time soon? So that the vacation does not leave a facial skin that is dry or sunburned, you can do simple maintenance while spending time there. Here are some skincare products that make facial skin stay moist during the holidays, starting from the most important ones!


Apply sunscreen to parts of the body exposed to sunlight. For the face, you can use a cream with SPF 50++. As for the body, just use a cream with SPF 30++. Both are reapplied every hour to keep the skin moist.

Lip Protector

Don’t forget to use a lip protector or lip balm that contains vitamin E and SPF 30 ++ which helps to keep moisture and the danger of UV rays from the sun. There are two lip balm packages to choose from, namely stick or tube. Adjust to your taste. Don’t forget to re-apply once every hour!


Cleanser is suitable to carry when traveling because it is practical and effective at removing makeup and dust as well. Simply pour it into a cotton swab and then rub into the new face then wash your face with a cleanser. Double cleansing is important because you wear sunscreen, especially if you wear makeup.


During holidays inUbud Bali, it’s better to avoid exfoliating cleansers or those that contain scrubs. Fear the skin becomes irritated because of the sun’s heat and friction. Choose cleansers that don’t contain soap and perfume to avoid irritation and sensitive skin.


Choose a moisturizer that has a light texture, like gel, so that it quickly absorbs and doesn’t clog pores. Avoid gels that contain petroleum, benzocaine or lidocaine. Petroleum binds heat to the skin, whereas benzocaine and lidocaine can irritate the skin. In addition, avoid also containing retinol which can make the skin peel. That’s not a good thing when in the hot sun.

CC Cream

Should you use BB or CC cream? It is recommended to use CC cream because the texture is lighter and lightening that can brighten the face. CC cream is also more multifunctional as a primer, brightener, foundation, sun protection, and even anti-aging.

Facial Spray

This liquid is effective to refresh and calm the face after being in the sun. Choose face mist containing green tea extract which can make the skin softer, fresher, and reactions due to sunlight on the beach. You can also use a toner that is refrigerated. To be more practical to carry to Ubud Bali, make sure all of these skincare products are in the form of travel size!

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