Ear Candle Therapy, Is It Beneficial or Harmful?

Have you heard about ear candle therapy? This type of therapy that used to be used by Indians for spiritual ceremonies is now turning into a way to clean the ears. In addition to salons, several places such as beauty clinics and reflexology sites also offer ear therapy.

Although it sounds quite interesting, this wax therapy also reaped a lot of controversies. Some consider this therapy useful, but some said dangerous. Well, so as not to confuse, let’s first identify how the ear candle works! After that, then we can determine whether or not this therapy is useful.

How Does Ear Candle Therapy Work?

Unlike cleaning earwax using a cottonbud that will actually push the dirt further in, ear therapy he said can clean more effectively because the system works like a vacuum cleaner. Later, your ear holes will be inserted into a special cone-shaped hollow candle.

To be more comfortable, you are also advised to lie down while doing this therapy. After successfully entering, the candle was lit for approximately 10-15 minutes. In order not to endanger the skin around the ear, hot melted liquid wax will be poured onto a perforated paper plate that has previously been inserted into the wax.

After almost 15 minutes the candle is burned, the smoke will fill the ear holes. With the air flow and higher pressure, the smoke will eventually come out of the ear hole along with the dirt in it. According to news circulating, ear therapy can not only cleanse the ears effectively, but also can overcome hearing loss, buzzing ears, and also headaches.

So, Is Ear Candle Therapy Safe?

Behind the benefits mentioned above, the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) actually conducted a study which stated that this therapy was dangerous and should not be done. According to AAA, the smoke produced by a candle during the combustion process cannot actually be a vacuum that sucks in earwax.

AAA also conducted a study in 1996 which proved that this therapy only melts wax and does not clean the ear from earwax. In addition, this study was strengthened by one of the British otolaryngologists who mentioned that this therapy was at risk of causing burns, hearing loss, and ear canal infections.

Earwax serves as a natural defense for the organs in the ear. Besides being able to protect, earwax can also cleanse and lubricate the ear canal, and slow the growth of bacteria in the ear. So, cleaning it with an ear candle is not really necessary, especially if you are not ready with all the risks of ear candle therapy.

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