Benefits of Massage Therapy for Moms and Babies

Massage therapy is beneficial and recommended to have on a regular basis, but what exactly are the benefits of massage therapy? If you are moms with babies, you will love this. Taking the time to pamper yourself at the spa by enjoying a massage that relaxes the body is a ritual treatment that is very popular with many women.

In other way, perhaps many are not too concerned with massage for babies. The most important thing for a mother is usually only on fulfilling the child’s nutritional intake. Keep in mind, although not one thing that is mandatory, massage in infants can help the development of stimulus.

Stimulation is a series of activities carried out to stimulate the baby’s basic abilities so that your child can grow and develop optimally. Doing stimulation in every child’s development is certainly important. Please note, at the age of 0-6 years, children have the ability to absorb information that is quite high.

How Massage is Good for Moms

Apparently, massage therapy is not only good for flexing tense muscles due to bad activities and habits. However, massage is also effective for maintaining the beauty of your skin. Light massage that calms the body makes oxygenation of the skin smoother.

As a result, your skin also looks younger and radiant. However, the beauty of the skin is not just the result of massage but also the choice of massage oil affects the final result. Massage provides a feeling of happiness and calm that has a good effect on skin beauty. Making your body healthy and happy should be your priority.

On the other hand, massage stimulation for baby massage can be done by parents, health workers or other family members. The benefits of baby massage will greatly help the closeness between parent and child if the baby massage is done by parents.

Also Good for Babies

Basically, the benefits of massage therapy for babies are to optimize the development and growth of the baby, by providing motion stimulus, touch and a combination of both. This massage stimulus must be done in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Physiotherapists recommend stroking a little more forcefully and directed to the heart for babies who look lazy to move. Strokes also apparently can stimulate blood flow and lymph to be smooth. When doing massage, pay attention to the response of the baby being massaged.

If you show signs of discomfort or even cry, stop the massage immediately. This usually happens because the baby wants to urinate, defecate, massage too hard, or the baby may be uncomfortable with the type of massage given. Massage can be resumed when the comfort of the baby is certain. That is how you get all the benefits of massage therapy for babies.

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Not only for moms out there, but benefits of massage therapy can also be felt by the babies as well! Interested in seeing how you can do it?

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