Authentic Indonesian Meal You Can Get in Ubud Bali

The beautiful charm of a million seas makes Ubud Balinever devoid of local and foreign visitors. Not only rich in tourist attractions, but the island also keeps a variety of delicious culinary delights. Make no mistake, there are still many culinary that you must taste while on vacation in Bali. At least, there are 5 Balinese foods that you must try!

Foods to Get

Sate lilit is different from satay in general. Usually, the pieces of meat are skewered, but this Balinese satay is made by smoothing the meat, wrapped around the leaves of lemongrass or bamboo stalks. The meat used is not just chicken, it can be pork or mackerel. The next one is BabiGuling, which contains pork. This food is much sought after by local and foreign tourists. Soft meat and Balinese flavored spices become mandatory culinary targets.

Sate Plecing seasoning consists of cayenne peppers, tomatoes, salt, shrimp paste, and lime juice. It tastes savory and slightly salty. The satay is not only from chicken meat, but there are fish and pork. Chicken Tum is made from a mixture of chicken meat, various spices, and coconut milk. All mixtures of these ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed. If you get bored with chicken meat, tum can also be served with duck and other meat, really.

Non-Pork Alternative

If you don’t eat pork, here are some of the alternatives you can enjoy. Eat some RujakBulung or RujakPindang, you will feel the spicy sensation after tasting the sliced manga with a super spicy mixture of boiled broth and chili. Not only mangoes, but you can also replace them with other fruit or seaweed. In Ubud Bali, seaweed salad using boiled sauce is called RujakBulung.

Tepeng rice is a special dish from Gianyar is served quite mushy like porridge. This soft rice is equipped with long beans, kidney beans, young jackfruit, eggplants, moringa leaves, and grated coconut. There are also eggs and shredded chicken. Moreover, coupled with a splash of Balinese-style spices, adds to the delicacy of this one Tepeng rice.

Traveling and culinary tourism has become one package that cannot be separated when someone is on vacation. It’s a shame if the vacation to a new place but do not try culinary tourism typical of the area. Well, for those of you who are going on vacation to Bali in the near future, don’t just focus on exploring the city or nature. You are also obliged to culinary specialties of Ubud Bali!

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You have to eat these foods that you can’t find anywhere else other than Ubud Bali, not even in Indonesia! Enjoy the deliciousness of authenticity.

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