After Birth Massage, Good for Moms!

During the nine months of pregnancy, your body underwent remarkable changes. This is where after birth massage is great for you. Even after your child is born, your body will experience a recovery process such as the return of the size of the uterus, discharge from the vagina and fatigue after undergoing labor.

Some mothers may also experience unstable stress and emotions regarding hormonal changes that occur after childbirth.Massage after giving birth can provide several benefits and effectively help the mother’s recovery during childbirth.

Those include benefits such as relieving some fatigue points in the body, releasing tension in the muscles, improving blood circulation, and increasing joint movement and body rejuvenation.There are some mothers began a massage immediately after returning from the hospital. But mothers who undergo surgery should wait until the surgical wound heals.

Benefits of After Birth Massage

The process of giving birth will stretch your body, especially the abdomen, back, and pelvis. With gentle massage, in addition to relieving some pain points and releasing tension in the muscles, massage can increase blood flow and oxygen into the muscles and can relieve aches or aches in the body.

Squeezing, rubbing and pressure during massage can help tighten the abdomen and help the body’s recovery. The massage also helps release endorphins in the brain which are natural pain relievers. It helps release the hormone oxytocin which stimulates the release of milk and eases the process of breastfeeding.

Massage on the breast will help open the blocked ducts of the mammary glands, thereby reducing the risk of inflammation of the glands in the breast. So that milk production is going good and your child receives optimal nutritional support, massage can be an option so that mothers become more relaxed while breastfeeding and caring for the little one.

For Moms That Went on Surgery

The massage can speed ​​up the recovery, because it increases circulation and stimulates the healing process of internal organs. If massage using almond-based oil can help disguise stretch marks and helps increase endurance and lymph flow, as well as reducing muscle cramps.

If you have surgery, you should wait for one to 2 weeks, or after the surgical wound heals, because massage can cause pain. Although massage can be relaxing, instruct the therapist so as not to massage the abdominal area and the surgical sutures.

Any pressure on the area can cause problems. Focus on the feet, head, hands and arms and back. So, can you see how after birth massage can be helpful for you, right? You should get one right away after birth!

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