5 Ubud Spots You Should Visit At least Once

Bali is a paradise for travelers and Ubud spots are not only favored in Indonesia but the world.  Indeed, most of the tours in Bali are beaches. Bali also has a cool and cultural destination. In Ubud, we can enjoy a lot of cultural beauty, not only are there rafting attractions, watching traditional dance, tourist parks, but also ancient sites that you can visit. Here are the top 5 spots you have to visit in Ubud.

Brave the Monkey Forest

This forest is a small forest inhabited by monkeys and is a sanctified place because there is a temple in it. In Ubud Monkey Forest, visitors can walk around and enjoy the beauty of nature in this pristine forest. But it must be remembered, visitors are advised not to disturb these monkeys. If you don’t want to share food with the monkeys, it’s better to hide the food so they won’t see it.

Pura GunungKawi

Gunung Kawi is not the name of a mountain as is the case in Java, but one of the tourist attractions of cultural heritage with some ancient relics in the form of temples composed of carved stones. In addition to enjoying the scenery around attractions, there are many historical values that we can find out about in these Ubud spots.

Tirta Empul Water Temple

Tirta Empul is the name of a temple located in Tampaksiring district. Tirta Empul Temple is visited by many tourists who are looking for Ubud spots, both foreign and domestic tourists. The tourism object is one of the must-visit tourist spots in Bali. In the temple, there are springs and are also used by Hindus, for bathing and invoking holy Tirta.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall has a height of approximately 4 meters but has a fairly large water discharge. Waterfall discharge will be very large during the rainy season, which ranges from December to February. At the bottom of the waterfall, you will be able to find a small area such as a pond. The water in the pool is very clear and suitable for those of you who just want to play water or bathe.

Kecak Dance Performace

This dance is a mass entertainment performance dance that illustrates the role of art and is not accompanied by musical instruments or gamelan. However, it was only accompanied by a choir of a group of male dancers totaling around 70 people who were lined up in a circle wearing a checkered cloth shaped like a chessboard. This dance is very sacred, visible from the dancers who were on fire, but experienced immunity and not burning.

Most Indonesian tourists while on holiday in Bali will visit Kuta tourist attractions and attractions in Ubud. Both attractions in Bali offer natural attractions, but with different criteria.Ubud spots tourist attraction is more suitable for you who want a vacation to the natural attractions in the form of rice fields or natural waterfalls.

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Description: Bali is not all about the white sand beaches. These Ubud spots in Bali got a lot to offer with their rice fields and waterfalls!

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